Naamkaran Contest – Name and Win the New Hyundai Contemporary Family Car 2018

  1. The Contest “Naamkaran” the Car (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Contest’), organized by Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) is an online activity which shall run between 16th August 2018 and 25th September 2018 (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Term’).
  2. The Contest is open to Indian Nationals of above 18 years of age residing in India.
  3. During the Term, the Participants shall name (in English) the new “Contemporary Family” Car to be launched by HMIL in October 2018 .
  4. The Participant shall send the Entry either by posting in the Microsite or through Whatsapp or SMS :
    1. Log into HMIL's Microsite (hereinafter called as “Microsite”) and fill in valid participants name, Phone number and Car name and submit the Entry; (or)
    2. Send Entry through SMS to the number 8652000377/388/399. For example, if the Car name is xyz the Participant has to SMS xyz to the number 8652000377/388/399.
    3. Send the Entry through WhatsApp to 8652000377/388/399. If the Car Name is xyz the Participant has to WhatsApp xyz to the number 8652000377/388/399.
    4. Participant shall have a valid Phone/Mobile Number
    5. Participants can submit any number of Entries during the Term of the Contest.
  5. The Participant has to bear the applicable rates charged by the respective telecom service provider.
  6. HMIL shall have all the rights vested with it on the Name selected including Intellectual Property Rights.
  7. 7. The Name submitted by the Participant must be original, innovative and not copied or translated from any source and confirm to decency guidelines. The Participants shall ensure that the Name(s) shall not infringe Trade Marks Act, 1999 or Copyright Act, 1957 or any other laws in India. In the event, any claim is made against HMIL alleging that the Name(s) submitted by the Participants infringe their trade mark or other intellectual property rights, respective Participant shall alone be liable or responsible for the same and HMIL shall not be liable or responsible in any manner of whatsoever nature.
  8. At the end of the Term, Winner will be selected through lucky draw. as follows:
    1. 1 winner will be selected, who will get one Hyundai Car (Petrol, base model) (the Contemporary Family Car) as and when the same is launched in India; and
    2. 100 winners will be selected and every such winner will get Gift Voucher worth Rs.1,000/- (Rupees One thousand only)
  9. The selection of the Winners shall be at the discretion of HMIL. The decision of HMIL in selecting the Winners shall be final and binding on the Participants and no correspondence in this regard, shall be entertained under any circumstances.
  10. Fake entries, entries with fake profiles/bots will not be considered and will be deemed disqualified.
  11. Prize(s) if any shown are only for representation and actual Prize(s) may vary from the picture shown on the Hyundai India website and other medium.
  12. The winners of the Car shall take delivery through a select HMIL authorised dealer showroom, on ex-showroom price prevailing in the State & City on the date on which the Winner takes delivery of the Car, after completion of all the formalities. Any upgradation or change in variant or model of the Car will not be entertained. The winners will bear government levies, road tax, registration fees, Insurance, Goods & Service Tax etc. as applicable at the time of invoicing and all other incidental charges.
  13. Depending upon the availability of the colour of Winner’s choice at the Dealership from amongst the colours offered for the Car, the Car will be delivered on “as soon as possible” basis.
  14. The Car is covered under the normal terms & conditions detailed in the Owner’s Manual provided with the Car.
  15. Winner of the Car has to provide the following documents before taking delivery of the Car– (A) Proof of Tax Paid/Copy of Tax Paid counterfoil (paid at a notified Bank). The amount of Tax to be determined on the basis of the Car won and the State/Area where the winner is located. B) Copy of Pan Card of the Winner. C) Any other statutory requirement as applicable. The winner would be given a maximum of 1 month to complete the above formalities and if the winner is not able to complete the above formalities, including payment of taxes etc., and take delivery of the Car within the said period of 1 month, he/she shall forfeit the same. Winner has to make his/her own Travel arrangements, boarding and lodging if any for availing the Prize.
  16. The selected winners shall claim/redeem the Gift Voucher offered by HMIL within the stipulated timeline as will be communicated to the Winners through SMS/call/Email, failing which his/her claim shall be forfeited. No request for extension of the date shall be entertained. The Gift Voucher may be despatched to the address submitted by the Winner. HMIL will not be responsible or liable for any late, lost, misdirected or unsuccessful efforts to notify the Winner or for postal/courier delay/loss of Gift Voucher.
  17. The Prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable and cannot be exchanged/redeemed for cash. No cash claim will be made in lieu of the same. HMIL may, at its sole discretion, substitute or replace any prize with any other equal or similar value (in kind) selected by it without any prior notice to the Winner.
  18. The prize to the winner will stand cancelled, if any information provided/ submitted by the winner at the time of registration/Log in or subsequently is factually incorrect.
  19. The Terms & Conditions of the third party and any Service provider are applicable and to be abided by the Winners regarding the Gift Vouchers. HMIL is neither responsible nor guarantees the quality of services, nor it is liable for any defect or deficiency or shortcoming in the services rendered or so obtained/availed or redeemed by the Winners.
  20. Any Name deemed to contain content that depicts violence, abusive, immoral, unethical, illegal, anti-social, racial, obscene, offensive, profane, political, anti-religious or any other inflammatory, defamatory, or otherwise objectionable of any kind will be rejected. HMIL reserves the right to initiate legal action against the Participants, who submitted the same. Interpretation of what is, and is not, appropriate material is at the sole discretion of HMIL.
  21. The Participants should not deface or disparage HMIL and/or any brand of HMIL or any other brands/names, etc. in any manner in the process of posting any content/repost the Entries of other Participants.
  22. HMIL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any Participant that it determines to be tampering with the process or the operation of this Contest, to be acting in breach or potential breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  23. No purchase or fee is required to be made for participating in this Contest. HMIL has not authorised any person to collect any fee for participating in the Contest. HMIL will not be responsible for any payment or fee paid by the Participant to anybody for this Contest.
  24. HMIL shall not be responsible for any incorrect/misleading information relating to the Contest, presented/ displayed on any other source & will not be liable for any loss, if any, suffered by any Participant by relying on such representation, terms, conditions, information presented / displayed on any other source.
  25. HMIL will have no responsibility and liability for (including but not limited to):
    • If Participant is not able to participate in the Contest, due to inability to access the Website(s) or WhatsApp owing to transmission failures or due to any technical reason or any kind of failure
    • For any late, lost, misdirected or unsuccessful efforts to notify the Winner
    • For any SMS message delivery failures
    • If the participant and/or Winner has registered to the DND (Do Not Disturb) of the telecom provider/ National Do Not Call Registry(NDNC) or has specifically requested for not receiving messages
  26. HMIL reserves the right to withdraw/terminate the Contest and alter / change the Terms and Conditions of the Contest, process or means of gratification without assigning any reason at any given point of time without any prior notice/ information.
  27. The Participants would be solely held liable for any details including but not restricted to age, name, profession etc. entered by them.
  28. The Name(s) and the personal information submitted/posted by the Participants will become the exclusive property of HMIL. HMIL shall have every right to use the Name for its Car models, advertisements, any activity or lead generation and other purposes, without any restrictions or prior permission/notice to the Winner. HMIL reserves the right to appropriately modify and customize the Name to suit its objectives.
  29. Employees (including direct relative of HMIL employees), dealers and dealer staff of HMIL cannot participate in the Activity.
  30. The Participant shall indemnify HMIL against any claims from any party and consequent losses, damages, compensation, whatsoever, that may arise from any use, including but not limited to, publication of Name (s) submitted by the Participant as a part of, or in association with the Contest.
  31. All prizes will be subject to the Income Tax Act 1961 and other statutory levies, as may be applicable, which shall be borne by the winner.
  32. Except to the entitlement to the above prize/Merchandises, the winners and/or their legal heirs will have no other rights or claims against HMIL.
  33. The Contest is subject to force majeure conditions and HMIL shall bear no responsibility for cancellation or postponement of the Contest.
  34. The Contest will be void in any State where conducting such Contest is prohibited by law.
  35. Any dispute arising out of this Contest or otherwise shall be subject to exclusive jurisdiction of courts of New Delhi.
  36. By participating in the Contest, the Participant accepts to all the Terms and Conditions of the Contest and agrees that HMIL shall not be liable for any claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with the Contest and waive any claim against HMIL.